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When asked about my art the following notions come to mind:


Space time continuum and flux are essential to my work as content and as process. Confront. Reflect. Experiment. Explore the interplay of line, mark, and color as conversation, as sound, as metaphors for the underlying energy and elements of all things physical and perceived. What is real? Within this process my work may also deal with barriers; self-imposed or constructed by societal arrangements, and the methods used to break free or survive them. I explore how the internal mirrors the external. Succumb. Resist. Build. These dynamic universal conditions, like barren or lush landscapes, produce identity.

Nearing Chrysallis

“Using scrafitto, glazing, scrumbling and impasto, I veil and reveal, disrupt, flow, harmonize, and agitate media across the surface.” 

Primarily a large scale painter but not confined to painting, I often begin with shapes that act as catalysts for additional mark and form making. Using scrafitto, glazing, scumbling, and impasto I veil and reveal, disrupt, flow, harmonize, and agitate media across the surface.  The diverse movements concurrently vibrate in and out of view mirroring the pulse of life and can speak to the essence of matter plus energy.

Drawing from instinct born in experience my static and dynamic forms and my rhythmic and chaotic lines integrate and segregate yet are unified by a symbiotic relationship to the canvas.Sometimes manufactured material adds external dimension to the implied space of my paintings as I reference a human desire to manipulate surroundings, to control.

The Crossing

I admit to an over active curiosity and macro view of community that drives me to expand content which naturally evolved to new technologies where I attempt unfettered discourse with individuals known and unknown to me for projects now complete or underway. The work continues.

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